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2 years old. Red and White. Papillon mix. Look up at the sky at night and there are the brilliant stars of the constellation Orion. What an elegant fellow he is, sure to attract attention wherever he goes. It is not only his fine soft coat, lovely colors all crowned by a magnificent pair of ears. Those are superficial qualities. They are important but nearly as much as his personality. Sweet, gentle and loving. He will wrap his legs around you and he gives wonderful kisses. At nine pounds this adorable dog can go anyplace and everyplace with you. He loves kids and other dogs and cats.

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3 years old. White. Poodle. Don't blink your eyes or you will miss the ethereal vision named Venus, a splendid sight in a soft fluffy white. Venus is a sweet 19 pound Poodle who was found by a FOPP, that is a Friend of Perfect Pet. The kind rescuer had Venus groomed, vaccinated and micro chipped. She will be spayed and then Venus will truly be the dog of your dreams. She is a great family dog who will not shed. Venus is a real beauty, inside and out, so hurry to meet her before she vanishes into the night sky.

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1 year old, Gray and Silver, Schnauzer / Cairn Terrier mix, If you want to have fun and would enjoy a great companion than Jester is the boy for you. He's a real clown, a goofy and fun dog who will smile even at your bad jokes. Jester is about a year old and would be happy to be part of any family. He is mostly a Terrier mix and his easy coat will not require much grooming but won't shed much. This good looking guy weigh 11 pounds, will be neutered,and is already micro chipped and current on all shots. Don't let the joke be on you. Come meet Jester, pet the silver crown on his head and let the fun begin.

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2 years old, Tan and White, Terrier mix, Bianca, can you hear us calling? Sometimes we choose the dogs we rescue and other times they choose us. Bianca peered out from her lovely big brown eyes and we couldn't turn away. She is proving to be a lovely, gentle girl, just about 2 years old. Now that she is micro chipped and current on her vaccines, (her spay will be completed shortly,) we can imagine Bianca safely ensconced in her new home, nestled in a soft fluffy bed, watching tv next to her family. That is where Bianca belongs, and it won't be long now before that is exactly where she will be. Bianca weighs 15 pounds, not quite tiny, not quite a medium sized dog, but just right.

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1-2 years old, White, Shih Tzu, Laurel's crowning achievement is that she didn't lose hope of getting out of the shelter though she was there far too long. Her next achievement is that she stay happy. She always wags her tail and is ready to chase a ball and play. Laurel is a good family dog and and once her coat grows back in and she has regular flea protection she will look ever so pretty and won't shed. She weighs 8-9 pounds. Laurel will be spayed, and is already micro chipped and current on all shots. She is a lovely and affectionate family dog.

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5-6 years old, Tan, Spaniel/Corgi mix. Jack looks like the happiest Spaniel we've seen in a long while. The reason must be that his tail is nice and long, not a short stump of the docked tail. That nice long tail waves a constant rhythm. You name a song and he'll wave along to your tune. He's very enthusiastic and has plenty energy but Jack is no longer a puppy. He's 5-6 years old and will be quite content with easy walks and hanging around with his family. Jack weighs 30 pounds and will do best in a home without small children. He is micro chipped, vaccinated and neutered. Make yourself and Happy Jack happy by welcoming him into your home.

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2-3 years old, Black and White, Papillion/Spaniel mix, Happy go lucky Sally didn't have a clue that she nearly saw her last day at the shelter. Fortunately dogs don't bear grudges or dwell on bad memories, they just wag their tails hopefully. For Sally, it's as if she has only good days and is simply delighted with the world and everyone she meets. She is a Papillon mix, a little 8 pounder. Sally is 2-3 years old, spayed, micro chipped and current on all shots. She is a lovely little dog who is eager to please you and can't wait to sit comfortably in your arms. Smiling is what she does best.

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1 year old, Tan, Cairn Terrier mix, Blossom is a very special young lady because she ended up in a shelter where the vets went above and beyond their duty to spay and neuter. When she was prepped for her spay the doctor noted that she had several hernias in her stomach. The surgery to repair the weak spots in the fascia of her stomach took over two hours but the repairs have been completed and we thank the kind doctor who took the time to save her. Blossom came through it like a champ and is now ready to be adopted since she is also spayed, micro chipped and current on her vaccines. She is a sweet and gentle young lady, about a year old. Blossom weighs 14 pounds so that is about 224 ounces of pure love. She's a sweet family dog and will do her best to fit right in. Blossom will be happy to accompany you to easy street which is just where she belongs.

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4 years old, Red and White, Spaniel mix, Kramer is a lovely Spaniel mix who cannot figure out how he ended up in the shelter. He, like most of us, thrive in a secure environment and all the noise and chaos of the shelter and outside world was a bit startling for him. He would love to hang out at your house, sit at your feet or even on the couch next to you. Kramer is past puppy stage and doesn't even need long walks to be happy, just your love. He is about 4 years old and weighs 17 pounds. He is a happy, healthy boy who gets along nicely with other dogs. He is neutered, micro chipped and is current on all his shots. Kramer will do best in a quiet house without small children and he is house trained.

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2 years old, Tan and White. Chihuahua/Papillon mix. Rumor has it that this dog is a Long Haired Chihuahua/Papillon mix. She won't try to deny it but we'll tell you she has a lot more going for her than her breeding. She's sweet, friendly, out-going and great looking. The shelter called her "Princess" and that is how she should be treated, so if you are looking for a wonderful traveling companion who won't leave your side then the rumor has it this little girl is the one for you. She weighs 7 pounds is spayed, micro chipped and current on her vaccines. Meet her and you will fall in love, and that is one Rumor that will spread quickly.

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