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10 months old, Red and White, Miniature Australian Shepherd mix, "Cupid, draw back your bow, let your arrow go straight to my heart." Sam Cooke sang it and the sentiment is unchanged even today. This 18 pound red and white pup will seize your heart and carry it away. He's a player for sure. He loves to play with other dogs and his gentle spirit warms up to people. Cupid is almost a year old, neutered, micro chipped and current on all vaccines. Cupid isn't very worldly, probably from limited time on the streets. He is very energetic, so begin training right away. He's young pup ready for the routines of your household and eager to learn new tricks. Open the door and open your heart for Cupid to walk in. He's a lover.

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4 years old, Gray and White. Shih-tzu/Terrier mix. Kia is a super sweet terrier mix with an upbeat outlook on life. She never gave up hope that she would be rescued from the shelter and now her dreams are almost fulfilled. She's out of the shelter but that means she's only half way home. A few more steps forward and she will be in your arms, always close by, prepared to share her love and her heart. Kia weighs 11 pounds. She is current on her vaccines, micro chipped and will be spayed shortly. She can hardly stop wiggling in anticipation of meeting her forever family and going home.

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4 years old, Tan and White, Poodle / Terrier mix, Did you get the very important Memo that is making the rounds? Perfect Pet now has a loving, gentle and friendly Terripoo available for adoption. Memo is about 4 years old. She's very affectionate and longs to be close, to be your best friend. It won't take long for her to have you wrapped around her little paw. Once she has a good grooming her coat should not shed much, if at all. She weighs 11 pounds, is spayed, micro chipped and current on all her shots. Here is the memo, precisely written, "Memo is a great family dog." That's all you need to know.

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2-3 years old, Black and Silver, Schnauzer mix, Decaf may taste like a strong brew but it's definitely a mellow brew without caffeine. This Decaf is a dark black color but surprisingly he has silver legs to prance and dance on. He's a charmer, a very very sweet and mellow dog. His owners left him at the shelter because they were moving so now he is looking for a home where he can learn necessary skills to be welcomed into the house. Decaf is a very affectionate family dog. He weighs 13 pounds, is neutered, micro chipped and current on his vaccines. His soulful eyes will charm you and once under his spell, there will be no turning back. Decaf is just your cup of coffee.

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2 years old, White, Tiny Terrier mix, Kiki is a tiny terrier who is cute enough to break your heart. She's affectionate and friendly, ever eager to settle down for a good time in your lap. Little Kiki weighs 7 pounds. She is spayed, micro chipped and fully vaccinated. What could be better? She is looking forward to sharing a lifetime of happiness, so open the door and she will head right into your house. Kiki won't take up much room on the sofa but she will certainly fill your heart.

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1-2 years old, White, Tiny Terrier mix, Search far and wide, high and low and Bing will be the best resource to show you the way to connect people to friends and dogs. Bing is the search engine and this little pup will provide the impetus to g out and make new friends. Walks, talks and shared cups of coffee are his specialties. Cuddle at night under the covers and Bing has done his job. He brings happiness wherever he roams. He weighs 6 pounds, maybe.

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2 to 3 years old, 28 pounds. Tibetan/Shaggy Terrier mix. Allie is back with Perfect Pet after two years in a home. Sadly,her owner is moving to New York and is unable to take Allie with her. Allie likes children and other dogs but with people, she has a definite preference for women. She has been well loved and is very well trained. She is house trained, walks well on a leash and likes riding in cars. She bonds very quickly to one person. Her owner is willing to pay for additional training if the adopter would like help teaching Allie to learn to accept and be comfortable around the male species. She will come to her new home with all of her favorite belongings. Allie is spayed, micro chipped and current on her shots.

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5 years old, Gray and Silver, Schnauzer mix, Some people go through their lives on auto-pilot, locked into their routines without even noticing the world around them. Not so for the special lady who rescued Auto. She saw that he had been hit by a car and without a second thought, she brought him into the veterinarian that houses Perfect Pet Rescue. Although she is unable to have a pet of her own, she has taken on the care and ownership of Auto, paying for all his medical needs. Auto is lucky in more ways than that one. He has some injuries which are healing with time so we do expect him to recover. His one leg is still painful but that doesn't stop him from enjoying his favorite thing in the world: sitting on a lap. He's a lover, as sweet and gentle a boy as one could hope to share a life with. Auto weighs 15 pounds and is current on all vaccines, micro chipped and scheduled for his neuter surgery. Let Auto cruise into your life and you can stop driving around aimlessly looking for the right one to share your home with. Auto is that one.

we always have a variety of small dogs looking for a home!

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