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6 years old, Black and White, Australian Shepherd mix, Mabel is looking for her ideal family because she is an ideal dog. She loves children, other dogs and everyone she meets. Mabel is a lovely 6 year old spayed, vaccinated and micro chipped Aussie mix. She is coming from a loving family who is dealing with serious medical problems which make it difficult to be available to care for their dog. Mabel is house trained, obedient and oh so sweet. She is playful but able to relax at your feet as well. Aussies are the best and so is Mabel.

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2 years old, White and Gray. Poodle mix. Splenda is splendidly sweet.There is nothing artificial about her She is the real thing, a genuine organic sweetness. Splenda arrived at the shelter a filthy, matted mess. The grooming staff st the shelter took the time to groom her and make her look very pretty. She loves other dogs, is playful and will make any family happy to own her. She is one of those dogs that will not shed. She weighs a few ounces over 12 pounds, is spayed, micro chipped and current on all shots.

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2 years old, Apricot. Poodle mix. Lolly is such a sweet little girl who weighs 10 pounds. She was dropped off at the shelter by a lady who said she was found wandering in the street, filthy and matted to the bone. Lolly had to be shaved to the bone but her coat will grow back quickly, lovely and luxurious. Lolly is now spayed, micro chipped and current on her vaccines. You can look into her eyes and know she is so happy to be safe and clean. It won't be long before she is happy and warm in the embrace of a her forever family, her tail swishing with delight. And for any person with allergies you will find Lolly to be hypoallergenic.

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1 to 2 years old. Black and White. Shih-Tsu mix. Hidden under a filthy matted coat was a delightfully sweet and handsome and cute little 12 pound dog. She stood on the grooming table like she had been there many times before, trying to kiss the groomer. (She is VERY NICE.) We think she was telling her "thank you for making me feel so good and clean. Now her coat shines and in no time at all her hair will grow back. This little girl loves to be carried and at her size she can go everyplace with you. She is now spayed, micro chipped and current on all vaccines.

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1 to 2 years old. White and Tan, Shih/Tsu mix. What a difference a day makes and a good haircut. Bistro was so shaggy and dirty that he was not on anyone's menu. He was an over looked item until a shelter friend decided to give him a try. Not only has his new look made him appealing but his super personality will have you going back for more. He's a sweet, friendly 11 pound dog. He will be a great treat for the entire family. Bistro is micro chipped, current on vaccines and is neutered. His tail wags non stop and he is ready to give all his love to you.

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3-4 years old Tan and Brown, Brussels Griffon / Terrier mix, Although his life may be in a Shambles after being dropped off at a shelter this little dog will pick himself up and carry on his mission to find a loving family. Shambles is 3-4 years old, neutered, micro chipped and current on his vaccines. He is full grown at 12 pounds, a real light weight. Help Shambles find love once again by bringing him home to the light and warmth of family.

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1 year old, White and Tan, Terrier mix, Bring out the horns, Trumpet the arrival of a brassy little dog who is guaranteed to win your heart. Trumpet is a year old and weighs 12 pounds, so he will stay the same size he is now. He is ready to begin his young life in a home where people are ready for a playful young dog who will be neutered, micro chipped and has had his first set of vaccines. Get here early and you can toot his horn and take him home.

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7 years old, Apricot, Terrier mix, Maybe he has a little Shih Tzu but those long legs suggest some other terrier had his way with Topper's mother. No matter his heritage, he was in dire need of a haircut and bath so he is ready for the warm weather and come what may, he is rarin' to go home. He's a funny little guy with a great sense of humor and a desire to please and entertain people. His greatest wish, though, is to find someone with whom he can cuddle. He weighs all of 15 pounds and is now fully vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped. Topper is a charmer and the only ghost you might expect to see is the one who will haunt you if you miss the chance to share your life with him.

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18 months, White, Wheaton/Terrier mix, After a lifetime spent living with a few other dogs on a patio Josie is discovering there is an entire world waiting for her to explore, but it will go slowly, moving at her pace. At 24 pounds, Josie is a bit shy about the outside world. Look into her soulful eyes, and you won't be able to miss her sweet, gentle spirit and all the love she just can't wait to shower upon her new family. Josie is spayed, micro chipped, and current on all vaccines. She really is exceptionally loving but will require someone who is patient about her reluctance to go on walks. She is very happy to stay in her familiar yard and home, so if you are not a great walker yourself than Josie might be the perfect dog for you.

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18 months White Beagle mix Having spent her whole life on a patio with her mom and three siblings, Jayda is discovering there is an entire world waiting for her to explore. At 16 pounds, Jayda is a bit shy; but look into her soulful eyes, and you won't be able to miss her sweet, gentle spirit and all the love she just can't wait to shower upon her new furever family. Jayda is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines.

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6 years old, Black, White and Brown, Chihuahua mix, Priscilla was turned into the shelter with three other dogs but is now loving the single life. She is the absolute perfect companion. Smart, sweet, and portable, she will go anywhere with you...although her favorite place is snuggled up next to you on the couch. At 10 pounds, Priscilla is a wonderful little lady who is housebroken, spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. Because her old life was so overcrowded with dogs, she does not mind a little mingling but definitely prefers to live as an only dog. Priscilla is ready to begin her new life with you. Are you ready for her to be your one and only?

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4 to 5 years old, Cream, Shih Tzu, Vanessa is a loving and gentle girl who was returned to us because her adopter no longer had time for her. She's now 4 to 5 years old. She previously had bladder stones which her owners neglected. If you have ever known anyone with stones then you know that it is terribly painful. Vanessa needed surgery to remove the stones even more than she needed a bath. She did very well in surgery and has been smiling since. Vanessa weighs 20 pounds and is spayed, micro-chipped and current on all her vaccines. She will require a careful diet to prevent the stones from reccuring, and she will be happy and healthy forever more.

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