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3 years old, Tan and White, Shih Tzu/Brussels Griffon mix. Stoli is the premium Shih Tzu, a perfect mix waiting to share your every day. He will greet you in the morning and ease you into the evening. Unlike his namesake vodka, Stoli is a healthy addiction whose presence can lower your blood pressure and help you lose weight though your daily walks. Stoli is about 3 years old, neutered, micro chipped, and current on all his vaccines. He weighs a mere 8 pounds. Stoli is the ideal mix for the cocktail of life. Cheers!

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3 years old, Black and White, Terrific Terrier mix, We have a little Data and will be elated to share all we know Data is about 3 years old. He is neutered, micro chipped and has had a complete set of vaccines. He weighs all of 6.3 pounds and finds comfort resting in your arms. He's quite a charmer and the more you examine the data the more interesting he becomes. His wirey coat is almost entirely black save the striking white blaze on his chest. Though he's a bit small, his coat is similar to that of a Scottie mix with a loving demeanor. The Data is in.Mining data allows us to discover the patterns within the larger data sets. Come review it, adopt this boy and you will discover the new patterns in your life as they expand to include the new Data.

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4 years old. Black. Poodle mix. Sometimes life seems full of lemons, so it is time to make lemonade. Tippy is a perfect dog. She is great with children, house trained, spayed, obedient and very loving. She doesn't even shed, but her family is making some changes and Tippy is looking for a new home, so it's time for lemonade. She is going to find an even better home where all the sweetness that is Tippy can be enjoyed fully. Sit back in your chair, grab a glass with some ice cubes, fill to the top with lemonade and celebrate Tippy, the best dog around. She weighs 20 pounds.

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3 years old, Tan and White, Maltese mix, Some dogs are born to smile and Nikki excels at smiling. She's a happy happy little girl with a bouncy tail the affirms her outlook on life. Some dogs are shyer than others in front of the camera. Not Nikki though, she's delighted to pose and of course, to smile. Nikki is about 3 years old, She's spayed, micro chipped and current on all her shots. Nikki seems like she will be a perfect family dog. She likes everyone, a great quality for a family dogs. Nikki weighs 8 pounds, is spayed, micro chipped and current on all her vaccines. She is ready to go home, eager and waiting. Set down her food bowl and it will seem like she's been with you forever.

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7 years old, Black and White, Shih Tzu, Today at the shelter, a family walked out of the office with their dog in a crate and asked us for help. They couldn't leave her in the shelter but their home had been sold and the family was moving to Atlanta. They had gotten Zaine a health certificate and a brand new crate in which to travel when they found out that they would be unable to take Zaine with them. Zaine has been well loved though we will all agree that she needs a nice haircut for us to see her sparkling eyes. She's 7 years old, spayed, micro chipped, current on all vaccines, house trained and great with children. If you are looking for a move in ready dog than Zaine is your girl. She's a delight and will eagerly adopt to her new family.

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2 years old, Tan and Gray, Long Haired Chihuahua / Pomeranian mix, Buddy was in the shelter for a short time but any time spent in an animal shelter is too long. He is a very loving little guy but he was abandoned by his family because they had too many dogs. Luckily Buddy has been neutered so he won't be bothered by that problem any more. He is delight, very affectionate and his coat is soft and silky. Place this little 12 pound dog on your lap and you can be assured that a good time will be had by all. Buddy is neutered, micro chipped and current on all his vaccines. He is friendly to all but hopes to be your best friend and Buddy.

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4 years old, White and Tan, Maltese / Yorkie mix, O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Safe now but still looking for his Juliet. If you are not completely charmed by this little fellow than you should be looking for your own heart too. Romeo is a charmer, sincere in his delight and appreciation of even the smallest attention. Romeo weighs 9 pounds, is neutered, micro chipped and current on all his vaccines. He loves to play with other dogs and will be a perfect little family dog, very loving and affectionate. Romeo loves to go for walks too. An old injury to a rear leg prevents him from using all four but he has no discomfort and runs joyfully. Romeo is looking for Juliet but he will happily settle for Juliet and her whole family. The more the merrier for this gent!

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3 years old, White and Tan, Shi Tzu / Poodle mix, If you are looking for a cup of sugar and spice, everything nice, than Mimi is the Maltese for you. This sweet little girl is a happy young lady, about 3 years old. She likes people and other dogs but we will predict that she will be happiest on your lap, hanging out with the family. She's a real sweetheart, spayed, micro chipped and current on all her vaccines. Mimi weighs all of 10 pounds which is a lot of sugar and spice. Who wouldn't be happy with the sweetest dog in the world?

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1 year old, White and Tan, Terrier mix, Sally is an old fashioned fun loving girl who has a plan. She is eager to share her secret hopes and desires with her family. Sally is sweet and gentle enough to whisper gently into your ear and she might even add a little kiss. So far she has told us that she is about a year old. Sally is spayed, micro chipped and fully vaccinated. She's a fine family dog whose coat will shed little. Listen carefully and you too will learn what a wonderful dog Sally is. Sally weighs 11 pounds and is a very gentle, lovable young lady.

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7 or 8 years old. Black and white. Pug/Chihuahua. Jazz is her name since she's no longer singing the blues. She's a lucky dog now because her foolish owner surrendered her to a caring family member because she didn't have enough time to walk her because she was too busy. She cared little for her dogs but Jazz remains a loving and affectionate dog.She is a delight and an gentle, loving dog who will fit into any household. She weighs 19 pounds and is spayed, current on all shots. Jazz is about 8 years old and with each year she becomes sweeter. If you are looking for an older dog who comes with no issues and will be your most loyal friend then look no further Jazz is the one.

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3 years old, Gray and White, Schnnauzer/Tibetan Terrier mix. Zoom is very light on his soft white paws, prancing nicely at your side on a walk, an easy feat for this shaggy, gray Schnauzer mix. He appears to float, he is so light of foot. Zoom acts like a young dog and weighs 16 pounds. Zoom is a gentle and loving dog but he will do best in a quieter household without small children. He is good with his canine companions and even enjoys playing with his dog buddies. Zoom is neutered, micro chipped and current on all his shots. Zoom in, focus your lens and you will see a wonderful dog who will give much more love that he could possibly take.

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2 years old, Black and White, Shih Tzu/Poodle mix Jeremy is hoping to trade the chaos of shelter life for an orderly existence. He loves life.playing tug a war with the other dogs, giving warm kisses and taking fun walks everywhere. He is one of those dogs that people will stop you on the street and want to pet him . He loves that. Jeremy is a Shih Tzu Poodle mix who is about 2 years old. Now that Jeremy is safely out of the shelter he is ready to go home. He is neutered, micro chipped and current on all his shots. He has had a bath and his new red collar adds just the right dash of color to his black and white coat. That is just the beginning for Jeremy. Now let him show you what a good boy he can be. He weighs 10 pounds.

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