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1 year old, Black and White, Terrific Terrier mix, We have few clues as to the actual breeds incorporated into this scruffy terrier mix, but we're willing to hazard a guess: Shih Tzuh, Havanese, generic terrier. What is black and white and furry all over? Clue is the correct answer. He's a gentle 11 pound dog who sincerely deserves the opportunity to have his own bed (or to share yours) tucked into a sunny, cozy spot inside your house. Clue's coat was matted and filthy from living his entire life, all of a year, alone in a a back yard. In spite of the little care he received, he has never given up the hope of being embraced by a loving family. Clue is now neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated. Life isn't a game and Clue is a real dog who deserves the opportunity to share his love. So pick a card, roll the dice and choose Clue.

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3 years old, White and Gray, Poodle/Maltese mix, Get Flash in your viewfinder, snap the photo and send it straight to Facebook. Flash will get under your skin that quickly. He's a loving Poodle mix, all white save the gray adorning his ears. He's gentle and loving, an exceptionally sweet little dog. Flash weighs 12 pounds, is neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated. He is always eager to make friends because he is buoyant and outgoing, and as a bonus, he won't shed. Here's a Flash which is just for you. Don't hesitate to meet him or you will have to be content to see his photos on someone else s Facebook page.

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3 years old, Tan and White. Shih-Tsu/Brussels Griffon mix. Fiona is an old Gaelic name meaning "fair or white," both of which are apt descriptions for our Fiona. She's a fair haired lovely whose soft (non-shedding) coat will make you love her more when you pet her. The feeling will be mutual because she loves to be petted too. She loves to ride in a car, play with other dogs and will make a great family addition. She is a solid girl weighing 16 pounds. She is spayed, micro chipped and current on her vaccines. Ready to go to her forever home.

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1 to 2 years old. Tan, All American Terrier. An all American Mix, Delila can afford to be picky when choosing her Samson. She's a special girl and deserves a special home. Although her needs are mundane, love, attention and affection, when you look deep into those eyes you will see the world. Her eyes gaze out to the sea and sky,and out to the snow capped mountains and roads ahead. She is a lovely companion who will return all the love she receives with complete abandon. Find out for yourself. She is 1-2 years old now, spayed, micro chipped and current on all shots. Delila weighs 17 pounds.

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2 years old. Tri. Puggle Whenever people mention the name Candace we quickly think of the beautiful actress Candace Bergen. Well our Candace is no actress. She is loving, sweet and eager to give affection, non of which is an act. Her family was feuding and nobody really knows the true story as to how she ended up turned into the shelter. Candace kept waiting for them to come back but it didn't happen. Now she is a Perfect Pet and we are thrilled. She weighs 16 pounds, her tail has started to wag again and a happy smile is on her face. Her beauty is within and any family that is lucky enough to adopt her will get all the benefits. She is spayed, micro chipped, current on her vaccinations and ready to call your home her forever home.

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5 years old, Tan and White, Chihuahua Pug mix, Tap the correct key and the smiley face widget will appear. Let that be a personal introduction to Widget, the tiny Chihuahua/Pug mix. Widget weighs 8 pounds and is full grown, an adult dog who is about 5 years old. He's very sweet, cuddly and affectionate, eager to lean close enough to crawl right into your arms. Widget is good with other dogs and will be a wonderful family dog. Widget's face is expressive, so enjoy the smiles that he will attract as he walks attentively at your side. Widget isn't a barker but he can vocalize to join you in a song. It's so cute when he sings that you want to hug him. Don't be shy, he's wooing you with his love song.

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