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10 months old. Gray, Black and White. Terri/poo. at 10 pounds this adorable Poodle mix pup is so cute and loveable. How he got to the shelter is beyond our wildest guess. Nori has a little bit of everything in his breed. Maybe Doxie, and certainly a lot of Terriers in him somewhere. He loves to be in your arms as well as walking right next to you. A true delight in every sense of the word. He is neutered, micro chipped and current on his vaccines.

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6 to 8 years old. White and Tan. Shih-Tsu mix. Lulu was a Perfect Pet a few years back. Adopted to a family that said "We would never return a dog". They now have a young child and Lulu does not fit into their lifestyle. Shame on them. This dog will make a great companion to an adult family, or single person who is looking for the Perfect Pet. She is housebroken, likes sitting on your lap, going for walks and being your best friend. She could lose a couple of pounds but that is it. And she does not shed.

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2 to 3 years old. Red and White. Cocker Spaniel. Chauncy is a great sounding name for this handsome dog who acts as regal as he looks. One of his nice attributes is his long tail has not been docked. His tail waves in constant motion, a signal of his pleasure with the world. When we put him on the scale we were surprised to read his weight at 41 pounds, pretty hefty for a Cocker Spaniel. Chauncy is a large boy and would benefit from good exercise. It would be great if he had another dog or children to play with. He is not fat just bigger than we are accustomed to seeing. If you are a Cocker lover then this boy will fit right into your home. He is neutered, micro chipped and current on his vaccines.

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1 year old, Tan . Terrier mix. Just one look at Ava and you will fall in love with her much like Frank Sinatra did with Ava Gardner. She's a lovely young lady, about a year old with a soft, fluffy coat that begs petting. When she turns her smile on your, all bets are off; she has won your heart. Ava weighs 11 pounds, she is spayed, micro chipped and current on all her vaccines. She is doing wonderfully meeting and playing with her new friends in the play yard at Perfect Pet but she might enjoy being your only dog at home. Ava is now nominated for an academy award and expects to win in her category, best new dog. Welcome Ava...

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2 years old, Red and White. Chihuahua mix. Patrick was hit by a car on St. Patty's Day and his owner did not want to deal with it so they brought him to the shelter. This dog won the hearts of everybody including the wonderful shelter vet who had to remove his hind leg. Patrick does not know he is a tripod: he runs and plays with all of the Perfect Pet dogs, gives kisses to anyone who will let him and has the sweetest, loving disposition. We have told him life will be beautiful from now on and his forever home is just around the corner. Patrick is neutered, micro chipped and current on his vaccines. He loves to cuddle and will fall asleep in your arms and more good news, his foster Mom says he is potty trained as well.

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3 years old, Tan and White, Tiny Terrier mix, "Whatever Lola wants Lola gets" and in this particular incident it could be true. Lola was a stray in the shelter until a few hours ago when she joined perfect pet. What a wonderful friendly dog. She is a busy little mix but set her on your lap and she'll trade her activity for a nap any time of the day. She weighs 8 pounds, is spayed, micro chipped and current on her vaccines so she is good to go.

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1 year old, White, Terrier mix, Billy is such a happy little dog that he entertains himself endlessly with a ball and toys. Your job, should you choose to accept it is to watch Billy and clap and smile at his antics. Billy was brought him to the shelter because his owners were moving so now Billy now has the chance to be a family favorite, a member of the family who appreciates what a fun dog he is. That is what Billy looks forward to the most. He's about 15 months old, neutered, micro chipped and current on shots. Billy weighs 13 pounds is is full grown. He's a delightful white sprite who will assuredly settle into his rightful place in your home and heart.

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3 years old, Tan and White. Shih-Tsu/Brussels Griffon mix. Fiona is an old Gaelic name meaning "fair or white," both of which are apt descriptions for our Fiona. She's a fair haired lovely whose soft (non-shedding) coat will make you love her more when you pet her. The feeling will be mutual because she loves to be petted too. She loves to ride in a car, play with other dogs and will make a great family addition. She is housebroken as well. She is a solid girl weighing 16 pounds. She is spayed, micro chipped and current on her vaccines. Ready to go to her forever home.

we always have a variety of small dogs looking for a home!

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