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1 year old, White and Red, Terrier / Dachshund mix, Stella is such a friendly and playful little dog that you will be inclined to think of her as the eternal puppy. She is outgoing and eager to make new friends, be they canine or human. She's about a year and a half old and is always willing to pick up a toy and play. Stella is ready to go home and join her forever family right now now that she is spayed, micro chipped and is current on all her shots. Stella is a fun dog and will be very happy to be included in family activities and fun. If you like jogging, she will too.

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2 years old, Tan and White, Cairn Terrier mix, This pup will be surely be the apple of your eye, because she just as surely is ours. She's sweet, gentle and very loving. She happily crawls into your lap and offers her little kisses to remind you that she has much love to share. Apple is a super little dog who weighs 9 pounds. She is spayed, micro chipped and current on all her vaccines. With so many different varieties of apples from which to choose we take Apple, the very sweetest of all.

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1-2 years old, Cream colored, Shih Tzu mix. Winston was one of the greatest statesmen in world history. Our Winston is very distinguished and smart enough to deserve such an important name. His namesake, Winston Churchill was a historian, diplomat, a writer, and artist and in addition to being the prime minister of Great Britain. He was even made an honorary citizen of the USA. That is a very hard collar to fill but Winston will be up to it. He's about 2 years old and very distinguished in his own way: he will always look like a fluffy puppy. He's a great family dog and will happily settle into his new career as favorite pup. Winston is a bit shy at first but he warms up and is eager to be a good friend. Winston weighs 10 pounds. He is neutered, micro chipped and current on all his vaccines.

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2-3 years old, Black and White, Poodle, Harrison is awake today and he is able to show us what a sweet and gentle dog he is. He offers soft kisses and a friendly wave of his long tail. Harrison is a male Poodle who weighs 20 pounds. He is 2-3 years old, full grown, though a wee bit slender. He has a smart white blaze which lights up his chest and with a proper grooming he's going to be quite a handsome fellow. Harrison is now current on all vaccines, micro chipped and of course, neutered. He will be a great family dog, especially for a family looking for a true non-shedding member of the family. Harrison is a great size and simply a great dog.

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3 to 4 years old, Tri color. Spaniel/Corgi mix. Oliver is like the little orphan, Oliver Twist. In that tale by Charles Dickens, Oliver has a difficult life in the orphanage but a happy conclusion brings smiles to one and all. We are planning to write a similar ending for our Oliver. His travails are now over and food and love will be plentiful. His happy ending is just beginning. He's a little fella weighing 13 pounds. He has so much to look forward to. His coat and coloring is so pretty. Sweet, sweet, sweet is Oliver. He will cover your face with kisses and roll over for belly rubs. The "Perfect Pet" has arrived. He is neutered, micro chipped and current on all vaccines.

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6 months old, Tri color, Red, White and Brown, Pomeranian / Pekingese, Get all the right ingredients lined up: juice of one lemon, juice of one lime, 2-3 ounces of rum, one teaspoon sugar, shaved ice. Place all in your cocktail shaker, flick your wrist and you have the makings of a perfect Daiquiri. Our Daiquiri is even better! He is a 6 month old little mix picked up by a police officer in Hawthorne. Don't worry, his record is clean and so is he. Daiquiri weighs 9 pounds, is neutered, micro chipped and current on his vaccines. Daiquiri is much better for your health than a daily drink so put on your walking shoes and enjoy each day with your Daiquiri.

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4 years old, Tan and White, Chihuahua, Marvel arrived at the shelter so emaciated and weak that the first order of business was weight gain. For one month he got three meals a day, as much as he could eat. He's gained at least a pound and he now weighs less than 7 pounds. He is a Marvel! He charms everyone he meets with his cute playful behavior and gentle little kisses. He's everything anyone could hope for in a small dog: friendly, outgoing, happy, and of course, small. Marvel is about 4 years old, energetic and playful as a pup. He is current on his vaccines, micro chipped and will be neutered soon.

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2 years old, Gray and White, Shih Tzu, When animal control picks up a dog without tags or other id in Hesperia California, there is little hope of an owner stepping up to claim his or her pet. Dorsey was such a dog and he did his best to avoid capture. He ran and scrambled as fast as he could but to no avail. At least at the shelter he was safe and guaranteed food and water but that was no consolation to Dorsey. He was terrified. Now that he has been with Perfect Pet for a week or so he is like a brand new happy dog. One could hardly see through his horribly matted coat just how small and adorable he was. His favorite activity is being held in your arms and giving kisses. He is now neutered, micro chipped, up to date on vaccines and waiting for a lap to call his own.

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2 years old, White and Tan. Terrier mix. Mickey languished in the shelter way too long, for over two months. Somebody up there was watching over him, for sure. It is difficult to imagine how he was overlooked for so long because he is a very nice dog. Of course he needs a bath and some gourmet food and a lot of loving. He was scared and needed to start trusting all over again. We have a wonderful volunteer staff that has given him lots of attention and there are plenty of Perfect Pet dogs who are eager to play with him. He weighs 17 pounds, is neutered, micro chipped and current on his vaccines.

we always have a variety of small dogs looking for a home!

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