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7 months old, Tan, Wheaten Terrier mix, Hampton deserves to be sitting in the shade of a large umbrella, sipping a nice cold glass of water and gently choosing his favorite treats from a tray placed conveniently at his side. In other words, this dog will settle very nicely into a life of luxury. Of course there is one ingredient that is most important for a happy life and it is free. Love. Hampton gives it freely. All 10 pounds of him will melt in your arms with the pleasure of being close. Hampton is some kind of terrier mix whose soft coat has some black tipped little hairs to make him cuter than ever. He's about 7 months old, neutered, micro chipped and current on all his vaccines. Summer, winter, spring and fall, Hampton will delight you every season and will be very generous with his love.

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5-6 years old, Tan, Cairn Terrier mix, Wanda was like a fish out of water, hiding in her cage, hoping daily that her owners would rush in and rescue her from the chaos and noise of her incarceration. She spent close to three months in the shelter and was beginning to give up hope. Luckily there are caring people who networked Wanda by sending out massive emails to groups like ours in hopes that a safe haven could be found. Wanda is now a Perfect Pet. She really is close to perfect. She is affectionate and loving, happiest by far sitting on your lap. She gets along well with other dogs and has little difficulty making new friends. Wanda is settled, quiet and oh so sweet. She is spayed, micro chipped and current on all her vaccines. Wanda is a pleasingly plump 15 pounds so some monitoring of her food and few extra walks will slim her down a bit. Wanda isn't a puppy but she's a delightful little girl with lots of love to give in the many years ahead of her.

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8-10 months old, Black and White, Tibetan Terrier mix. Andy's name should be prefaced with the word "happy" because he is one joyful dog. On the surface of things you might not think Andy should be so happy. He was a stray who was brought into the shelter with multiple foxtails (those nasty weeds which penetrate the skin) stuck throughout his coat. Worst of all, his eye had been permanently damaged by the foxtails and had to be removed. Yet Andy is happy. He loves to give kisses and to be held close to your heart. He weighs just eight pounds and his fur is soft and fluffy. Andy is neutered, micro chipped and current on all his vaccines. Since he is a long haired dog, as his eye heals and the fur grows back, neither you nor Andy will miss that extra eye. He is happy and will be even happier when he is safe at home and his love is returned.

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2 years old, White, Tan and Gray, Shih Tzu, Corals are not merely shells, they are live marine invertebrates with a hard skeleton. These beautiful and varied creatures come in many colors and shapes, much like the Shih Tzus we rescue from the shelters. This Coral is a lovely tan and white and her soft fluffy coat will charm and soothe you. Coral weighs 9 pounds and is a tri colored little girl about 2 years old. She is spayed, micro chipped and current on all her vaccines. Sweet Coral is affectionate and loving, a great little family dog.

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2 years old, White and Tan, Shih Tzu, Jade is the stone most often associated with China and so too is the little Shih Tzu dog, Our Jade is a cute pup, about 2 years old and she weighs 10 pounds. Jade is a small, sturdy little dog whose coat can be worn long (necessitating daily brushing) or she can remain in her cute puppy coat for easier care. Jade is loyal and affection. She is well accustomed to the company of other dogs and enjoys romping in play. Jade is now spayed, micro chipped and current on all her vaccines. Though the stone Jade is thought to be mysterious our Jade has few secrets. She's happy and friendly and will eagerly reveal all to her new family.

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3 to4 years old, Gray and White, Schnauzer / Terrier mix, Zoom is very light on his soft white paws, prancing nicely at your side on a walk, an easy feat for this shaggy, gray Schnauzer mix. He appears to float, he is so light of foot. Zoom acts like a young dog and weighs 16 pounds. Zoom is a gentle and loving dog but he will do best in a quieter household without small children. He is good with his canine companions and even enjoys playing with his dog buddies. Zoom is neutered, micro chipped and current on all his shots. Zoom in, focus your lens and you will see a wonderful dog who will give much more love that he could possibly take.

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3 to 4years old, White and Tan, West Highland White Terrier mix, Put a lid on it! Tupper will fit into any size home, just like the nesting storage containers sold at Tupperware parties around the world. He lived with his family and a great big German Shepherd dog who was turned into the shelter along with Tupper when we were standing there, so we couldn't resist his cute smile. His family was unable to care for their dogs any longer, whatever that means. He's 4 years old though he looks like he will always have the appearance of a puppy. Tupper is neutered, micro chipped and current on all his vaccines now. Travel the world and you will find Tupperware in over 100 countries but in your house, Tupper will be an original.

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1 year old, Tan and White, Terrier mix, Perry is about a year old. This poor little dog, who weighs 16 pounds was fending for himself, wandering the streets when he was whisked to safety. Luckily we were able to make room for him at our rescue and is safe now. He's a sweet dog, some kind of terrier mix whose soft coat is very silky. Though he's hiding it, he has a nice long tail, waiting to wag at the right person, just not at the camera! Now that Perry is a Perfect Pet, he will be neutered, micro chipped and brought current on all his vaccines. Perry weighs 17 pounds, is very affectionate and he will charm his way right onto your lap.

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2 years old, Black and White, Terrier / Poodle mix, Corey is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning "chosen." We chose Corey from the shelter and the next choice will be yours. Know that when you chose Corey you will adopt a loving, affectionate and special little boy. Corey is about 2 years old. He is neutered, micro chipped and current on all his vaccines. He weighs 13 pounds and will win hearts with a single glance. Though he is a bit more Terrier than Poodle in appearance, he should not be much of a shedder. Corey is well accustomed to canine company and you expect that his valuation of the humans in his life will skyrocket upon receipt of gentle love and care. He is neutered, micro chipped and current on all his vaccines. Choose Corey and you might make the best decision of your life.

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