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2 to 3 years White with tan Chihuahua/Terrier mix When Ben, our social media guru, texted a picture of this cute little guy and asked if we could save him, how could we say ‘no’? Just look at those deep brown eyes and that precious face.... So, the little guy, whom we named Ben, is now safe with us and ready for his forever family to come along and take him home. He is a sweet soul who loves both cuddling and going on walks. He’ll never stray far from your side and will shower you with love all the days of his life. At 11 pounds, Ben is neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. More importantly, he is waiting for you!

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1 year Black, gray, white Terrier mix olivia was very scared at the shelter, so no one came to take her home. Then along came an angel who whisked her away into our waiting arms. Olivia is now a Perfect Pet and ready to start her new life in the arms of her forever family. ...and oh how lucky that family will be! Olivia is as perfect as a pet can be. Even though she is still scared, she will quietly cuddle by your side and give you the gentlest of kisses. She is just the cutest little girl; and, with time, her personality will blossom. Just look into her eyes. You can’t miss her longing for a place to call home. At 8 pounds, Olivia is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccines. So, who’s ready to open their heart and home to this precious girl?

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10 months Tan with white Spaniel mix It boggles the mind that this handsome fellow was behind bars in a high kill shelter. The unspeakable horrors Theo must have seen... It’s no wonder he is somewhat shy and unsure of himself and the world around him. We know, though, that beneath that uncertainty is a sweet spirit just waiting to live the carefree life he deserves. Scoop him up; and, in no time, he’ll be confidently walking or cuddling by your side......or frolicking happily as he discovers the joy of toys. At 8 pounds, Theo is neutered, microchipped, current on his vaccines, and ready for a life in which love conquers all.

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6 to 7 months Tan Terrier/Poodle mix Have you ever wondered what the definition of ‘happiness’ is? Well, we have the answer to your query. Our little Luca is 12 pounds of happiness and love who gives the most wonderful puppy kisses. He’s never met a stranger and spreads joy wherever he goes. He will make a wonderful family member for years to come. Still a puppy, he will need some training. He is so eager to please, however, that he will be sitting and staying in no time! Luca is neutered, microchipped, current on vaccines, and ready to share his happiness with you!

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8 years old, Brown and Black, Shih Tzuh mix, Wilby may have a few miles on his paws, but one thing you can be sure of, he WILL BE a great companion. Wilby has a lot going for him: he is super sweet and gentle, neutered, micro chipped and fully vaccinated, all in a delightful 14 pound package. Don't look away from him simply because he is no longer a puppy. Wilby has always been a good boy and with his winning attributes, he will be your best boy ever.

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1 year old, Tan with a dark muzzle, TinyTerrier mix, Rosie is just a blush of tan, a light colored blossom, ready to bloom. She weighs 8 pounds and her little eyes peer out of a dark colored face. She is so small that, not surprisingly, she was frightened in the shelter. Pick her up, settle her into your arms and you can cuddle away her fears. She's so attractive when her happy tail wags, a plea for attention. Smiles will soon come easily to her because deep inside, she's a happy dog. She will be happier still when she's in a home of her own. She is full grown, ready to enjoy a carefree life. Rosie is spayed, micro chipped and current on all her vaccines, so let the love begin.

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7 years White Maltese/Terrier mix Thrown away without a second thought.... That’s what happened to sweet Sophie just a few days ago. After living her entire life with a woman, she was dumped in the shelter because she was uncomfortable around the woman’s 7-month-old twin grandchildren. Can you really blame her, though, for having difficulty dealing with two newly-crawling babies who were allowed to invade her space at will without adequate supervision? We certainly don’t and so are very happy to welcome Sophie to Perfect Pet Rescue. At 16 pounds, she is now spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. A loving little soul, Sophie would prefer living in a home where tail pulling, eye poking, and ear grabbing are not permitted. Basically, she yearns for a peaceful life with people who will love and respect her; and, in return, she will be your devoted companion forevermore.

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5 years White and tan Shih Tzu If you have ever wondered what ‘resilience’ looks like, look no further. Our little Gabby epitomizes the amazing resilience we see over and over again in our rescue pups. Before we picked her up from the shelter, we were informed she had two masses on her abdomen. What we saw when we finally met this lively little girl was one large open mass and one small insular mass. Gabby’s demeanor, however, bespoke a happy dog who didn’t seem to have a care in the world. One would have thought she’d known us forever. She instantly clamored for our affection and bestowed upon us her own in the form of loving kisses. The two masses were completely removed, and Gabby is now recovering and doing quite well. Unfortunately, the biopsy results indicated that the masses were cancerous. Currently Gabby is free of any other masses, but there is a strong possibility that the cancer will metasticize. When? We don’t know. How quickly? We don’t know. In the meantime, we are looking for someone who will give Gabby a life befitting a queen...because that is what she deserves. At 15 pounds, Gabby is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. Her recuperation with us has been filled with love and care from our volunteers and her wonderful foster, but we would love for Gabby to find her forever family so that she can relax and heal in the arms of those with whom she will spend the rest of her life. Might that be you?

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2 1/2 years White Beagle mix Having spent her whole life on a patio with her mom and three siblings, Jayda is discovering there is an entire world waiting for her to explore. At 16 pounds, Jayda is a bit shy; but look into her soulful eyes, and you won't be able to miss her sweet, gentle spirit and all the love she can't wait to shower upon her new furever family. She will be happy sharing her furever family with another dog or being their one and only. Jayda is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines.

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