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1 year Black and white Terripoo It is hard to believe that Ribbon was still in the shelter when last our good friend, Ginny, was there. Several people had indicated they wanted to adopt this adorable little bundle; but, in the end, none of them showed. So, fortunately for us, and we think for her, too, she is now a member of the Perfect Pet family. Why is she fortunate? Because we have promised her that she will never again be left waiting for anyone. With the holidays fast approaching, Ribbon is the ultimate gift of love who will wrap herself around your heart forever. At 13 pounds, she’ll never have to wait for you to return, for she can accompany you anywhere. She is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. So, give yourself the gift of love today, tomorrow, and forevermore. Let Ribbon wrap her little paws around your heart as you wrap your arms around her.